Top 6 Things to Do in French Riviera to Make your Trip Extravaganza


When it comes to France, one starts imagining the picture of rich culture, tradition, art, and taste. French Riviera is the Mediterranean Coastline on the southern corner of France. Due to its proximity to the cultural capital of the world, it bears rich tradition of it; while on the other hand, the continental culture has also inspired this coastline very much. From the food to the lifestyle, the influence is really visible. Due to its unique features, it attracts a fair amount of tourists each year. By booking a vacation home in French Riviera you can make your holiday even more exciting.

French refers the place as the Cote d’Azur and this is one of the most favourite places of the celebrities and the rich, actually, for all who want to get lost in the beauty and luxury of this place. When you are in French Riviera, you can witness real glitz and glamour with a jaw-dropping view of sea beaches. Overall, the pleasant weather won’t make you sit in the hotel rooms and that is also a good option for some time as the hotels and villas are really plush at that place. Do you know why French Riviera is so attractive to the travellers around the world? Well, because this is the place where one of the biggest film festivals, the Cannes Film Festival happens. This is also the ground of Monaco Grand Prix. If you have excited enough, here is certainly more information about the place that will make you book flight tickets. Read on to know more.

When you are in French Riviera, make sure to come out of your hotels and experience these 6 things that will make your trip more amazing and fulfilled.

  • Merge Old and New French Riviera at Roqueburne-Cap-Martin

There are two sides of Roqueburne-Cap-Martin. The old version is located between Menton and Monaco and it is the perfect example of a medieval French village. On the other hand, Cap Martin is the fashionable and stylish version of the place. While the cobbled streets and narrow winding alleys are the great features of old Roqueburne, the lush resorts and the ground of brands like Coco Chanel and Queen Victoria are for the top-class people of the world. If you want to get the taste of both of the sides, you should spend few days here.

  • Have a Tour at Iles d’Hyeres

This is the collective name of three wild islands located in French Riviera. If you are looking for the raw and wild beauty of the place, this is the area you should head towards. The islands are Porquerolles, Levant, and Port Cros and together they are also known as Iles d’Or or Golden Isles. While you are in Port Cros, you can visit the famous national park here. You may not visit the entire Porquerolles as 4/5th of the island is undertaken by the government for development purpose. The Levant is one of the famous places for the nudist colony and there is also the French Military base. You need to take ferries to travel all these islands. Reach there and enjoy the best of them. If you prefer adventure sports, you can go for riding, hiking, birding, scuba diving and for biking.

  • Experience Gambling at Monte Carlo

Though in many countries gambling is banned, it is celebrated here with pomp and vigour. Once you are in French Riviera, you should not avoid this place as it will provide an out-of-the-world experience. The casino is luxurious and the perfect destination for the rich. The magnificent building will make you awestruck and from the entrance, you will get only jaw-dropping views. The frescos on the walls are a pure example of high-class art while the brilliant rooms will allure you to gamble for your life.

  • Get Soothing Experience at Eze

If you want to get relief from the hangover at Monte Carlo, you can arrange a tour at Eze. This is a medieval village that is the epitome of the past culture and tradition. The village is 1400ft above the sea level from where you can get a bird’s eye view of the Mediterranean Sea. That will make you dumbstruck. This picturesque town also offers two perfumeries, Fragonard and the Galimard. Besides that, you can visit here a 12th Century-built fortified castle, Le Jardin Exotique d’Eze. This is an adorable garden that has beautiful statues and exotic plants to soothe your eyes and senses.

  • Visit the Villa Ephrussi de Tothschild in St Jean Cap Ferrat

French Riviera is famous for its outstanding villas. And among all those palaces, this palatial building is the best one. This building was built in 1905 for Beatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild. She belonged to the rich banking family and this building was meant for her art collection. Actually, at the dawn of the 20th century, this palace became the meeting point for the famous artists, art dealers, and collectors. Once you enter the building, you will feel to be at that age as the presentation is so realistic.

  • Cannes Is Must Visit

So far you have only heard and seen about celebrities to walk on the red carpets in fashionable dresses. While you are in French Riviera, you should not miss visiting Cannes. Beside the glamor quotient, Cannes is the quiet fishing village where you can lose into your reverie for few days.

So, these are the few of things in which you should not miss to get indulged. In these ways only, you will experience the true flavour and essence of French Riviera.

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