Reliance Broadens Its Wings with an App for Shopkeepers and Takes a Big Leap into E-Commerce


After taking the whole country by storm by introducing Jio, Reliance is ready for another major comeback and it is even bigger this time. The Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance phone and data-based services derivative is expanding its wings towards e-commerce. The company is aiming towards merging its digital services with e-commerce to help small vendors and shopkeepers through an app.

Reliance is targeting the country’s poor supply and logistics system and intending to improvise the system with its unique strategies through its upcoming app that is expected to serve millions of shopkeepers across the country. Using this app, shopkeepers will be able to manage their stock, logistics and supply chain. With this app, merchants can place orders on Reliance wholesale marts, pay money and accept money into their digital wallet.

The unique selling proposition of this new subsidiary is tokenization wherein Reliance is helping well-known consumer product companies to provide product coupons exclusive to merchants of a particular region or store to clear the stocks and boost business. With this app, various brands can offer discounts through coupon codes as well. Reliance is offering these coupons through Jio Money app and also through click-through messages. The app is currently being assessed by Reliance with 5000 merchants in Mumbai and Ahmedabad and is expected to spread across the country by the end of this year. After introducing the app this year, Reliance is planning to escalate the business in the coming years. With this app, Reliance will be integrating its existing retail business and digital data services with e-commerce to connect with small shopkeepers all over the country.

This app is one of its kind in the Indian market and is expected to succeed by channelizing the customers to a single platform. Being India’s largest company, Reliance Industries is taking a leap into e-commerce business and is expected to succeed as India’s commerce business has been growing at a faster rate.

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