Mexico Swings Spotlight from Drug Combat to Economy


Folks arrived looking for Andres Cobos Marin, a 22-year old individual, with assurances of economic security, and an opportunity over his associates. However, the truth is that these were actually not the kinds of employers who have forced Mexico to become infamous for spying employed guns, and drug messengers for the illicit underworld.

In contradiction, they were actually searching skilled young engineer graduates, who possess a skill of planning and designing turbines for progressing aerospace business of the city. Mr. Cobos, who is just 22-year old and hasn’t even completed his graduation (he is about to complete it during the coming year), said that the Mexican firms are on the hunt for the individuals like him, and there is absolutely no need for them to go out in the search of jobs.

Mr. Cobos is expected to start working for a well-known Spain based firm from January 2013, even well before successfully completing his graduation, which is due to take place during next year. In fact, it is the another portrait of the Mexican city that the present world is quite familiar with, particularly not the one wherein drug industrialists hang bodies from overpasses, duck the regional regulation in elaborate hideouts and channel billons of currency in sedatives all over the region, and even all around the globe.

On the flipside, many high-skilled new job positions are available in huge numbers, and industrial production units develop progressively more refined goods, and households take on traces of middle class in everyday life, with some flat-screen TV sets, new vehicles, and residences.

This more affluent, corresponding space is precisely what Enrique Pena Nieto, the present President of Mexico, was planning to emphasize upon, when he met the re-elected United States President Barack Obama. In fact, it was part of his promise to the public of Mexico to move business relations with U.S. in the right direction of greatly enhancing the local economic growth, and stretching out trade dealings.

His mentors are extremely watchful to mention that they are going to persist to operate very closely with the American government on combating organized crime, and drugs in Mexico, and the new President has assured that he will considerably lessen drug violence in the nation.

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