Dementia Victims are Paying for Free NHS Services: Report


Dementia sufferers are unnecessarily spending millions for NHS services, which should actually be free, a new report has stated. 1 out of 5 care homes in England are being incorrectly charged for the services, which should be free on the health service, as per the report from the Alzheimer’s Society and Care England. A vast majority of the residents of care home are dementia sufferers; they are forcefully paying for their care and as a result the care home increases the home fees to cover a lot of unnecessary costs. The report stated that the patients are being treated as second class citizens.

An investigation by the Alzheimer’s Society has traced that the NHS is treating as much as 279,000 people with dementia who live in care homes like the second class citizens. The society is constantly contacting the Government to put an end to this unfair and evil practice and also to make sure that GP practices do not charge to deliver a primary care service. The GPs are acting outside the contract in case they charge care homes for a visit to provide primary care. However, they are permitted to charge on the non primary care, like a hospital style ward round for inspecting all patients, but only if it has been agreed in a separate contract between the care home and the GP practice.

The report that is based on the survey of three hundred care homes and information provided by the people that are affected by dementia also states that the NHS is not providing proper and timely access for vital services. The report details a lot of cases where the sufferers faced long waits for services that includes:

A patient who is waiting for close to eight weeks to have a mental health referral, in spite of being identified as at risk of suicide.

One dementia sufferer who is waiting for close to a year for physiotherapy post surgery.

One care home resident affected with dementia is being prescribed pain relief via phone for broken collar bone.

The authors have stated that they have discovered that the vital NHS services, like the continence supplies and assessments are being provided on an inconsistent basis and whenever it is convenient for the NHS and not when it is actually needed by dementia sufferers. They went on to add that paying for services, which should be free on the NHS, is not fair on cash-strapped people with dementia.

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