Asia Rugby Interested in Andrew Forrest’s Rebel Competition and So Is Hong Kong


The Asian Rugby bodies are really interested in Western Force’s billionaire backer Andrew Forrest’s rebel competition’s plan. Asia Rugby Continental Association has shown desire to begin discussion of the proposal and the Rugby Union of Hong Kong has also revealed that they are ready for participation.

The General Manager of Asia Rugby, Ross Mitchell told the Associated Press of Australia that they have been closely watching the developments with the Western Force and that too with interest. They have also been keeping track of Andrew Forrest’s statements.

This time is very exciting for all Rugby associations. No one has been formally engaged with any kind of discussion.So, at this time, Ross was unable to provide any kind of specific detail about the proposal. But he feels that it won’t take that long.

Andrew Forrest said on Tuesday that

he will launch the breakaway competition as Western Force ignored the appeal of Supreme Court of staying in Super Rugby.

Forrest also revealed a few details like the competition would be featuring six teams and Western Force would be one of those sides.

Dai Rees, the Chief Rugby Operations officer of the Rugby Union of Hong Kong said that their organization would certainly be crazy if they don’t even look at the competition’s proposal. Perth is not that far away and it is an excellent opportunity for the union.

Rees also added that neither Forrest nor anyone from the Australian Rugby officials have approached the Union yet.

Drew Mitchell, a former star of the Western Force suggests the squad members that they would be better off staying in one of the other Australian franchises rather than sticking with Western Force. He would try to exhaust his options in Australia if he was in their position.

More details would be released as the proposal is officially presented to the Rugby Unions.

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